This part is all about me and some contact information.


This is me ;)

Hi I’m Paul (also known as @iampurerage), Polish-born, UK based art director, illustrator and 3D concept artist with a surreal touch. I can actually draw.

I am responsible for creating countless worlds and concepts representing my twisted mind.

Turning rage into creativity.

Since I was a kid I loved art but also I was fascinated with science. My mother was a chemical lab technician and my father is a wood carver. For most of my life I was in conflict.

One day I found a solution… Digital Art. It connects science (maths mostly) with art. At that moment I decided to turn my life around 180° (phew… I almost wrote 360°). In other words, I found my purpose.

I made this website for four reasons:

  1. No one stopped me.
  2. I was bored.
  3. There’s not enough bad art in the world.
  4. I do stuff and i want to share it… Yeah. I like to brag a bit, like everyone. However, I know what I’m doing! Probably.

So here I am creating digital art. Feel free to look around my website. Check out my progress. Tell me what you think in the comments.

BTW. This is my best artwork so far (because i’m not quite happy with all of them 😛 ):

See You Space Cowboy.
See You Space Cowboy.

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Oh, and most importantly, constructive criticism is more than welcome!


PS. To clarify… my picture, on the top of this page, it’s me holding my wife like superhero. Yeah I can do that. Hold things and people.