Everydays ...conclusion.

I’m working with blender for around a year now. It is a lot of fun. If you haven’t try it yet, you should. It’s free and not as complicated as it seems to be.

Long story short(-ish).

Back to basics - one of my first everydays.
Back to basics – my first everyday.

Six months ago I decided to start my Everyday art challenge. One piece of art from beginning to the end each and every day. With my already busy schedule it wasn’t easy. At first it was a struggle. My art wasn’t nowhere near where I wanted. It was literally rubbish ( probably it still is ?).

With each day I got better at it. I have even reduced my modelling time to one hour (+texturing, lighting etc.) and around one hour rendering. At that point it was easy. I could do nearly anything. I was trying to create more complex scenes. The only thing that was still bothering me, was the quality of some artworks. It was average. Because of some scenes complexity my “times” went up.

My biggest problem was time (in general). As some of you probably know, I work in a factory. Work is consuming nearly half of my day (almost 11 hours including commuting). The only way was to sacrifice my sleep time (I can’t quit my day job… not just yet).

What we found - first pretty realistic everyday.
What we found… – first pretty realistic everyday.

Now it’s time for a small advice: DO NOT sacrifice your sleep!

It was the worst thing I could do. After few weeks I was at the point, where I couldn’t focus on anything. I was too tired.


The whole everyday challenge was a massive success. Now I understand nodes and lighting (although it’s not perfect yet). My scene compositions got much better. It’s still a long way before I’ll master Blender, but I am pretty comfortable with using it.


Solitude - my last everyday.
Solitude – my last everyday.

This is where my everydays end (well technically I posted last one on Tuesday, 16.06.2020). I will continue my 3d art “adventure”, because there is still a lot to discover and achieve. I’m hoping to create more quality stuff. …and yes, I will still work everyday, but this time smarter, without sacrificing my sleep.

You can expect my new artwork every 2-4 days. Stick with me and you won’t be disappointed ? .

You can also follow me on instagram: @iampurerage.


This is my first proper, written blog post. You can expect more of them. (You have been warned!). I will write about Blender, 3d art, graphic design etc.

Well, that’s it. Leave some comments. Tell me if you’ve ever tried everydays. What’s your experience? Are you learning Blender or any similar program? …or just say ‘Hi’.

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